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The Handbag Story

Posted by Rishi Madhani on

I asked my daughter a question a few weeks ago, bearing in mind she is of the generation who is all over social media and trending fashion, but, her answer rather surprised me.

ME: "Have a look at this lovely Hobo bag"

DAUGHTER: "What's one of them?"

Naturally, I was taken aback and it got me thinking, with the amount of variety we have do we truly know the difference between a Messenger bag and a Shoulder bag, we may think we do, but I felt it important to get the message out there and at the same it was all very interesting and fun research!

So over the next week we shall be releasing a set of posts informing you of the fabulous world of handbags! From the humble everyday Tote, to the adventurous Backpack. Theres a bag for every moment, every day and every occasion.

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